Prank Call Tips to Follow – PrankCalls4U

Do you want to have some fun and explore the thrill of doing prank calls?It’s not that complicated, but there are things that you need to keep in mind when prank calling. Here are some of them:

Prepare yourself

You need to know what you want to tell them the moment they answer the phone. They can easily sense that you’re nervous when you stutter or when you’re hesitant with the words you’re using so you need to show them how confident you are through the tone of your voice and the way you carry the conversation. This doesn’t mean that you need to read a script the whole time, no. What you need to have is a catchy opening line that will help you carry the conversation. It’s important to make a good first impression, remember that.

Be witty

If you’re too serious, people will easily know that you’re just doing prank phone calls. Don’t stress yourself over the possibility of being caught, because that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you enjoy the experience, call your prospect, and throw in some punchlines whenever you can.


Try not to laugh

This is important! People who do funny prank calls often laugh at the beginning of the call and that easily gives them away. To keep the person at the other end of the line from hearing your laughter, keep your finger near the mute button. The only time that you can let them hear your laughter is towards the end of a prank call when they finally catch you. Laughing at the end of a prank phone call will also help your victim understand that you’re just doing funny prank calls and that they should not get mad at you. You can then share some laughs with them about the prank call, so that you both have a memorable experience!

Conversations are not prank calls

There are so many people who brag about prank calling when really, all they’re doing is talking to their victims while tossing in a few funny topics in the phone conversation. That’s not fun. Be more creative!

Simplicity is key

Long prank phone calls are funny but people don’t have the patience to listen to those things. Since people normally have the attention span of a goldfish, it’s best to limit your prank calls to five minutes. When preparing a prank call script, just remember to strip out anything that isn’t needed, and focus on the creativity and flow of the prank call.

All in good spirits

There are people who don’t take prank calls lightly so be prepared for some potential abuse back! We always recommend pranking friends, family or anyone that you know has a sense of humour. Always remember that the best pranks are the ones where you can both share a laugh together, so in this respect, make sure that you make prank calls in the right spirits, and everyone leaves the party with a balloon!

If you want to be a prank calling pro, check out PrankCalls4u for automated prank calls that will leave your friends rolling on the floor laughing.


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