Prank Calls With A Vengeance!

Here’s a unique way to seek revenge on someone: prank calls. It’s totally harmless, you won’t be hurting their feelings, and you’ll end up feeling good about yourself because well, you used humour to redeem yourself. Most people would go for the whole “eye for an eye” thing, but this is 2017 and it’s high time we moved on from that. Seriously, revenge prank calls are a thing these days and the best part is you won’t be causing harm to anybody if the pranks were done are in good spirits, and you end up sharing a laugh – a win-win for everyone!

Here are some awesome ways to seek revenge via prank calls (don’t forget to thank us when you reach the bottom!):


Fake It Til You Make It

Funny prank calls such as this one will only work if your victim is a guy. Create fake ads and emails on Craigslist for some male-to-male intimate encounters. Convince the ad visitors to visit your victim’s office or workplace to treat him and take him out for lunch or dinner. A lot of men out there are on the hunt for “fresh meat” so this is definitely one for the books.

It’s Your Partner Calling, but Err Wait!

A variation of the above, call your “victim’s” office and pretend it’s their “partner” calling up to check on them. Tell the person who answers the phone that you are worried about them, but can’t talk right now, as you need to go to the Sexual Disease Clinic for some testing. You can give yourself a weird name, or better still a weird “nick name”, like Captain Bob! OR even add some more humour to the mix by pretending to scratch, and make sounds to that effect! Oh so cruel! Everyone at the office is going to slate them!

Special “TV Guest”

Call up your “victim’s” work and say that you’re from a certain late night television program (insert whatever dodgy channel or show you think is best appropriate), and ask to speak to your “victim”. When they ask what the subject is, tell them that they’ve made it past the first stage of auditioning for a very dodgy sounding title – it doesn’t have to be rude, it can just be a weird TV show or something embarrassing that will cause a stir and some rumours in the office!

Bring In The Flood

This revenge prank requires a little bit of effort but we promise, it’s worth it. Check your victim’s front door to see if it leans inwards. Place a pail of dirty water against the door before going home to do the prank call. Once you’re in the safety of your own home, call up your victim and tell them that someone’s at the door. The dirty water will pour all over their feet and they’ll be angrier than ever! Oh, and for your safety, hang up before allowing yourself to laugh.

Setting Appointments

Oh, and speaking of the flood, you can also send air conditioning service men, plumbers, cable men, and other repair services to the victim’s house. You can also order ten boxes of pizza and send it to the victim’s house to amp up the revenue levels. These people will demand to be paid for their services and this will definitely wind them up!


Take heed, though, if the victim ever finds out that you’re responsible for these pranks, they might get extra angry! Always be cautious and make sure that you don’t give away your identity when doing these pranks. The best pranks are done in good spirits and will create laughter all round.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so think up some hilarious and creative ways to wind up your “victim” and you may just find that all that anger disappears into rolls of laughter when they see the funny side… eventually!

The ideas above are presented for education purposes only! Be creative, think up your own prank calls, and make sure your pranks are tasteful and non-harmful. Don’t get mad – get even! Happy pranking!


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