Wind Up Your Mates with These Prank Calls

There are millions of people who are still into prank calls, and it remains to be a great way to wind up not just your family, but also your friends.

With a little bit of creativity and a huge bowl of popcorn, spend the weekend sharing laughter with your peers.

You can choose to keep your identity a secret or take the risk and reveal it when making funny prank calls. They’ve been around for years and still have the magic of making people laugh and taking their mind off things that bother them.

Here are some prank calls that you might want to do with your friends:

Call from the Phone Service Provider

3D Operator working in a call center

Think of a silly phrase that will definitely crack everyone up. Dial a random number, introduce yourself as the phone service provider and tell them that you’re calling because you need to check the voice quality of their line. Ask them to repeat the silly phrase several times but make sure that you can stop yourself from laughing.

But You Called Me First!

This prank call needs a little bit of reverse psychology in order for it to be successful. Pretend to be the victim and ask your friend to dictate a phone number that your group will call. When the person on the other line finally answers tell them to stop calling you. Make it sound even more real by telling them that if they don’t stop calling, you will report their number to the authorities. This prank is amusing and the best part is, they won’t think that they are being pranked.

I Need Toilet Paper! Now!

Dial the number of a restaurant and complain about their poor customer service. Tell them that you are stuck in their bathroom and that there is no toilet paper in sight. In a very stern voice, tell them to bring you two rolls of toilet paper and then hang up. The thought of their staff running around the restaurant with two rolls of toilet paper is enough to send everyone in the room laughing.

Are You the Father of My Baby?

Are You the Father of My Baby

Fair warning, this prank is a bit mean but it’s also too funny to resist. Also, this prank is for the ladies. Call a random number and tell the person on the other line that there’s a serious matter that you need to discuss with them. After letting them wait for a few seconds, blurt out that you’re pregnant and it’s their baby. Hang up after.

The Body is Already Hidden, Just as You Said

There are still so many prank call scripts out there, you just have to be witty and creative. Take turns and make each other laugh!

Enjoy! Please prank responsibly and in good spirits!


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