Types of Prank Calls


Before you go off prank calling people, you need to know about the different types of prank calls. The reason why you should know about these things is so that you can experiment and be extra creative when prank calling. Here are some ideas:

Incoming Prank Calls:

Prank calling is fun, but receiving prank calls is so much better. You can try to perform the Jedi mind trick on your target and get them to call you. To begin with this set of prank phone calls, post an ad on Craigslist. Make it detailed to attract your target and don’t forget to put in your contact information so people will know how to reach you. If you’re working in an office, you can answer the phone whenever someone calls and prank them. If you’re totally cool with spending some cash for this classic prank, you can put your ad in the local newspaper, and if you want to earn money while making funny prank calls, you can apply for a job where all you need to do is pick up the phone and prank call their customers all day.images

Craigslist Prank Calls:

As stated earlier, online ad site Craigslist is an excellent venue for those who want to make funny prank calls. Putting ads on Craigslist gives you freedom to prank call anybody who contacts you, while checking out the ads that other people are posting to increase the credibility of your ads.

3-Way Calling:

Third parties are very much welcome wmaxresdefault.jpghen prank calling. You can use the 3-way calling feature of your cellphone or Skype to make this prank successful. When making this prank, you listen to people on the other two lines as they argue over who called who. Timing is of the essence since the two of them should be able to pick up the phone at the exact same time. To pull off the trick, you can pretend that you’re a phone operator connecting the call, so you can bring the other person into the conversation without looking too obvious. You can also put business rivals on both ends of the line, and try to hold back your laughter as you listen to them argue. You can then boost the confusion levels even further by putting two people that you both know at each end of the line and observe how they deal with each other.


If you run out of punch lines, you can grab a soundboard and play it when your target answers the call. Soundboards are composed of buttons that contain different puns and phrases whenever they are pressed. You can also play soundboards that contain lines from movies, or try out the Celebrity Soundboards, for more fun and excitement!

Automated Prank Services:

If you want to make the perfect prank call, but don’t know how, or just want to make hilarious pranks without breaking a sweat, then you can always contact the prank call experts at PrankCalls4u. Just visit Prank Calls 4U, choose from a great selection of hilarious automated windups, and they can make the funny prank calls for you! PrankCalls4u have been providing hilarious phone pranks since 2007, so give them a try and pull off the perfect prank today!


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