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Learn How to Make Prank Calls With These Easy Steps

Craving for some quality time with friends and family but not willing to spend some cash? Then how about having them over for a day of funny prank calls? It sounds corny but really, prank calls in the UK and beyond, are trending these days, because the simple scripts and spiels bring laughter and cheer to anyone within earshot!


Want to know how a prank call in the UK works? Read on:

Spiel the beans

Think of a spiel before making the call. This step doesn’t really require rocket science but it helps when you think of how you’ll go about the call. It’s also wise to think of a plan B, if ever plan A doesn’t work. It’s hard to predict how the person on the other line will react to the call, that’s why it’s best to plan out how to deal with different scenarios before making the call. Your confidence and laughter holding back skills will improve over time.

Dial Random Numbers

aid138113-v4-728px-Make-a-Prank-Call-Step-1-Version-2You can ask one of your friends or family members to dial random numbers for the prank call. It’s best not to look at the phone directory so that the element of surprise is not ruined. Making prank calls in the UK this way is easy and fun, however, if a prank call is specifically for someone that you know, make sure that you’re not using your own phone when calling, because that will easily give away your identity. Now, if the prank call is aimed at a pizza parlor or coffee shop in your neighborhood, then, by all means, call their number. Bear in mind not to harass anyone, and always prank in good humor.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to making prank calls, timing is everything. Don’t give out the punchline right away because that will only make the prank call an epic fail. Try to engage the person on the other line for a short conversation before doing the spiel.

Try Not to Laugh

This will be a bit challenging, but do everything that you can to avoid laughing while making the prank call. This will immediately let the other person know that he or she is being pranked, so if you feel like you’re close to bursting out in laughter, cover the mouthpiece or hang up.

Pass It Around

It’s best if everyone takes a shot at doing spiels and calling random numbers. Prank calling is an excellent way to promote creativity and quick thinking since there are so many things that can possibly happen during the call. Ask everyone to participate and give out suggestions.

There are people who are not too confident in making prank calls and that would just rather join in the laughter without making the calls themselves. That’s fine as well. If you’re not too keen on making calls, you can also ask for help from the prank call experts! Drop by prankcalls4u and laugh out loud as they do the prank calls for you. No need to worry about offending anybody since these folks know the ins and outs of prank calling. They know how to do prank calls that are effective and funny, and that’s why people seek their prank call skills. All pranks are professionally recorded and using their automated prank call service is fun and easy. And the best bit is that you can listen in live to their reaction, without worrying about laughing out loud.

All you need to do is think of someone to prank, and they’ll take care of the rest, and you can make some of the best prank calls in the UK! Remember, always prank responsibly. Have fun!


Wedding-Inspired Funny Prank Calls

Wedding prank calls UK are not really that common, but they are interesting enough to create conversations between the mother of the groom, mother of the bride, the wedding entourage, the groom, the bride, and other involved parties. Interestingly enough prank calls with a wedding twist are slowly starting to gain popularity because they guarantee laughter to everyone within earshot. Besides, how harmful can these wedding pranks be?

Oh wait, these pranks can potentially upset a few people. Yes, there’s that risk, but really the laugh out loud moment is too awesome to miss. Besides, those who can find humour in any situation will just laugh with the joke. But of course, use your judgment, and always prank in good spirits, and everything should be fine! Remember, there’s always a time and a place, so respect everyone involved!

Prank call 4 u

If you are looking for a funny wedding-themed prank call UK that you and your mates can try doing, read the following prank call ideas:

Pregnant Bride

It’s usually the hunka-hunka burning love that makes couples up the ante in their relationship, but what if someone calls the mother of the bride on the day of the wedding to tell her that her daughter is pregnant? Call a random number, pretend to be a gynaecologist and tell them that you want to congratulate them because their daughter has a baby on the way. Hang up before they even get the chance to react. Sparks will fly with this one! Make sure you ring back later though and explain!

Where’s the Ring?

A classic. This will definitely annoy the soon-to-be-married couple but this prank is too good to pass up. Ask your friends to look for couples who are about to get married and call them up. This prank will only work if the couple does not have their wedding rings with them at the moment and if the wedding is set to happen in less than one week. In the most serious tone, tell them that the wedding rings they ordered were stolen. The bride will freak out, the groom will want to punch someone, so hang up after telling them the “bad news”! And of course, you may want to tell them it’s all okay later… maybe?!

Of Weddings and Funerals


Will a bride walk down the aisle if she sees that someone else’s coffin is waiting for her? Sounds a bit gory, but don’t worry, because the actual coffin won’t happen. Look up for wedding announcements in your local newspaper and call one of the brides. Tell them that there’s also a funeral happening on the day of their wedding, and at the same time. Just imagine the look of horror on her face if she finds out!

Two Brides

Randomly pick a number from the list of soon-to-be-married couples and pretend to be the other bride. Try to wait until you hear the couple snarl at each other before hanging up.

These pranks may seem a bit heartless but believe us when we say they’re all worth it. If you don’t want your targets to trace you, don’t want to make the calls yourself, or are scared of laughing out loud, then seek out help from PrankCalls4U. They have a selection of hilarious automated prank calls that have been professionally recorded for maximum effect, all while you listen in live to their reaction.

Roll in laughter as you listen to them do their magic! So if you are looking for prank calls UK, then give PrankCalls4u a try at https://www.prankcalls4u.com.

Wind Up Your Mates with These Prank Calls

There are millions of people who are still into prank calls, and it remains to be a great way to wind up not just your family, but also your friends.

With a little bit of creativity and a huge bowl of popcorn, spend the weekend sharing laughter with your peers.

You can choose to keep your identity a secret or take the risk and reveal it when making funny prank calls. They’ve been around for years and still have the magic of making people laugh and taking their mind off things that bother them.

Here are some prank calls that you might want to do with your friends:

Call from the Phone Service Provider

3D Operator working in a call center

Think of a silly phrase that will definitely crack everyone up. Dial a random number, introduce yourself as the phone service provider and tell them that you’re calling because you need to check the voice quality of their line. Ask them to repeat the silly phrase several times but make sure that you can stop yourself from laughing.

But You Called Me First!

This prank call needs a little bit of reverse psychology in order for it to be successful. Pretend to be the victim and ask your friend to dictate a phone number that your group will call. When the person on the other line finally answers tell them to stop calling you. Make it sound even more real by telling them that if they don’t stop calling, you will report their number to the authorities. This prank is amusing and the best part is, they won’t think that they are being pranked.

I Need Toilet Paper! Now!

Dial the number of a restaurant and complain about their poor customer service. Tell them that you are stuck in their bathroom and that there is no toilet paper in sight. In a very stern voice, tell them to bring you two rolls of toilet paper and then hang up. The thought of their staff running around the restaurant with two rolls of toilet paper is enough to send everyone in the room laughing.

Are You the Father of My Baby?

Are You the Father of My Baby

Fair warning, this prank is a bit mean but it’s also too funny to resist. Also, this prank is for the ladies. Call a random number and tell the person on the other line that there’s a serious matter that you need to discuss with them. After letting them wait for a few seconds, blurt out that you’re pregnant and it’s their baby. Hang up after.

The Body is Already Hidden, Just as You Said

There are still so many prank call scripts out there, you just have to be witty and creative. Take turns and make each other laugh!

Enjoy! Please prank responsibly and in good spirits!