How to Make Prank Calls Without Getting Caught?

Not a lot of people know this, but funny prank calls are actually considered as an excellent way to bond with your friends and family. It’s also an inexpensive way to kill boredom since all you have to do is dial random numbers, do the spiel, and send everyone on the floor laughing. If you’re not into having people around, prank calls are also something that you can do to keep yourself amused when there are no interesting shows on television.

Prank Calls

There are those who avoid doing prank calls because they fear that they might get caught so we have listed a few tips on how you can make those funny prank calls while still keeping your identity a secret:

Ditch the Caller ID

Almost all phones these days have a caller ID feature – that’s why it’s becoming even more difficult to hide your identity when making prank calls. Well, the good thing is that there’s a way to avoid the caller ID and that’s by dialing *67 before you make the call. This simple code will hide your phone number from making its grand appearance on the screen. Fair warning though, the code won’t serve its purpose when the police get involved, because they can easily bypass it to access your information. Also, the code won’t work if you plan on making the call via Google Voice or Skype. However, if you make prank calls responsibly, this won’t happen!

Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepaid cell phones sold at petrol stations are your best friend because you don’t need to input your personal information in order to use them. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’re off the hook because these phones have GPS and you can easily be traced if you’re making the calls from your own home. On the flipside, you might want to think twice before buying these phones if you’re a frequent prank caller because they can be a bit expensive. Again, prank responsibly!

Call From A Pay Phone

call me

Believe it or not, pay phones still exist, albeit they are increasingly difficult in finding these days. If you plan on taking prank calling seriously, then you should find time and look for pay phones in your neighborhood. Now when calling from a pay phone, it’s important that you don’t call from the same one twice in a row. It’s also important to still be cautious when making funny prank calls so that the owner of the pay phone won’t get into trouble. The worst-case scenario is if the recipient of the call becomes upset and asks for help from the police, they might track the location of the phone and lift your fingers from it. Remember, it’s okay to get a few laughs from these calls but it’s more important to look after the welfare of the people around you, including owners of these pay phones.

Prank calls can be a lot of fun, amazing in fact, but make sure that your choose people who you either know won’t get offended, and have a sense of humor, and / or you keep the pranks fun, with a good prank call script, of which there are many ideas to choose from at

There are more techniques that you can do so you can successfully do these prank calls without revealing your identity. You just have to be resourceful and creative, and remember to visit Prank Calls 4 U for some great prank call ideas, ready made pranks calls, that hide your identity automatically and allow you to listen in secretly to your “victim’s” reaction!


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