Are Prank Calls Really Harmless?

Let’s face it: funny prank calls are difficult to resist. The punchlines, when delivered with perfection, can send everyone rolling on the floor laughing for a few minutes. It’s a refreshing break from the usual things that people do to unwind: barbecue, movies, night outs, trips to the shopping centre or the nearest beach, for example.

While these activities do a swell job at lifting off some of that stress, one must admit that when the same routine is done every weekend, things can get pretty boring. So, why not gear up for a bunch of laughs and try prank calls?

The Perfect Combination


Prank call somebody, be creative with your spiel, and wait for the right time for the punchline. It’s all about being creative with your prank phone call, trying your best not to laugh, and waiting for the perfect timing. If a punchline is delivered too early or late, it can send anyone within earshot to go ho-hum. Aside from having the skills to make prank calls however, one must also be aware of the things to avoid when making these calls.

Prank Call with Caution

Yes, the goal of prank calls is to make people laugh, but there are things that one must avoid to prevent causing distress to the person at the other end of the line.

Never make prank calls to the emergency services, and avoid making threats or saying anything that may cause panic. Prank calling should be creative, with the best pranks being the types of pranks that keep the person at the other end engaged and hanging, as the joke draws them in, until eventually the prank in unleashed, causing maximum humiliation and laughter all around!

Good pranks are therefore well thought out, tasteful, and should only be played on people that you feel will be able to laugh about it later, and also enjoy a good joke themselves.


What Prank Calls Am I Allowed to Make, Then?

Well, for one thing, you can pretend that you left all of your stuff in a random person’s house. You can also tell them that you’re working for a restaurant and you’re sending them twelve orders of spaghetti. Hang up when they ask who you are.

If you have some skills in acting, you can pretend that you’re a celebrity and you’re calling them because you’re looking for a place to stay. Whatever script it is that you decide to pursue, just make sure that it won’t inflict pain on the other person.

Prank calls, in general, are harmless. They are meant to lift off some stress and bring laughter to people. If you want to prank call but are afraid that you might get caught or that the receiver of the call will take things the wrong way, then why not try one of the automated pranks at PrankCalls4u. They are professionally recorded, ultra-convincing, and best of all; you can listen in live to their reaction!


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